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Platform Support

Operating such a massive online platform 24/7, along with the pairing Android and iOS apps, is far from an easy task. Gold pays for servers and other costs.


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Feature Requests Priority

Contribute actively into shaping the features roadmap. If we have not already implement it, propose your favorite feature!

Support Priority

We strive to support you. Subscribers first please!


One picture equals a thousand words, thus here is the centralized view of your data!

Multi-Color Themes

No everyone likes pasta only! So, select your preferable color-theme!

Cloud Storage

Your data need space to grow!

User-to-User Sharing

Sharing is Caring! Share you Checklists, Tasks, Alerts, etc.

Data Export (xls, csv)

For those times that you need your data in a paper (e.g. …for this mechanic dealing with your maintenance and not being especially smartphone-savvy!)


Shortlist the boats you are eyeing!


Benchmark your boats, side-by-side!

User Defined Fields

Do you want to personalize your boat? Do so with your own user-defined fields!

Logbook Sharing

Let your friends & family know how things are going! Furthermore, let your crewmates edit the boat’s Logbook too!

Google Maps

Your route and trips overlaid in google maps


Let us see how the weather looks, around your location of course!

Document Sharing

Share your boat’s administrative paperwork and manuals.

Checklists Sharing

Do you wish to keep a Checklist private for you only? Well, you may do so!

Assignable Tasks

Not all tasks are to be handle by you alone! So, go ahead and assign them to the right person! They will be seeing them in their account and receive alerts too!

Assignable Alerts (email reminders)

No everyone can really remember what needs to be done and when. Let us do this for you!

Reports (pdf, xls, csv)

We love paperless record keeping and apps but we bet that an old-fashioned report, even printed (e.g. pdf), is needed from time to time!