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Experience the Pinnacle of Offshore Fishing with Bahama Boat Works

Bahama Boat Works stands as a beacon of luxury and performance in the world of offshore center console fishing boats. Crafted by a triumvirate of avid fishermen—Bob Sparks, Scott Henley, and Rob Thomson, these boats encapsulate the very essence of marine excellence. With a focus on "uncompromising quality," each Bahama Boat is a work of art on water, merging luxurious appointments with serious fish ability.

The journey of Bahamas Boat Works began with a simple vision: to usher in on the waters the finest fishing boat conceivable. The result? Vessels often dubbed as the "Bentley of fishing boats," delivering top-tier performance, agility, and style. Renowned for their intricate design and superior craftsmanship, these boats come laden with fully finished liners for all hatches and doors, a fully lined console with a spacious head, and 13 feet of below-deck storage.

What sets these boats apart is not just the high-level UV resistant coatings protecting their splendour or the carefully selected hardware. It's also the unwavering dedication to customer support and service—a philosophy that has garnered a clientele encompassing sporting legends like Greg Norman and even royalty.

Designed for the discerning fishing connoisseur, Bahama Boats are a testament to the perfect blend of functionality, style, and endurance. It's not just a boat—it's a lifetime ally for those at the helm, ready to conquer the high seas with splendour and grace.


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